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Hi Carousel Dancers & Families.

Thursdays are uniquely special to me even though I don’t usually teach on that day.  I can go from studio to studio & watch what is happening in each room.  It also gives me a chance to “meet & greet” dancers I don’t have in my classes yet, a chance to get to know each one & also a chance to get to know some of our newer parents to the studio.  I like to peek in on some of the upper level dancers on Thursdays & make some mental notes on things I want to work on with them in class.  

Of course, the best part of Thursdays & early Saturday mornings are the tiny dancers, the stars of the future.  Each one with his or her own personality, free to be creatively expressive while beginning to learn the basics of dance.  I love their spontaneity, one moment totally focused on the dance moves & the next looking out the window & waving (sometimes a little teary) to a parent or discovering a random sequin on the floor or engaging with the dancer next to them & then just as quickly back into dancer mode, attention back on the teacher or assistant.  I look at our senior dancers & think back to when they were in the pre school levels & marvel at how much they have accomplished & how committed they have been.  Each year as I watch the seniors take the stage, I feel joy, but am also nostalgic & a little sad for not cherishing the moments with them more.

A shout out to our Carousel teachers who have been working hard creating videos of dance classes & choreography for our Carousel dancers & families.  We will continue to work with all of our students through email & other technology until we can open the Carousel doors again.

And a shout out to ALL the amazing teachers, public and private who have taken on the challenge, in a very short period of time, of teaching their classes online from home.  My respect & admiration for these dedicated educators has no bounds.

Joanne, Michelle, Brendan, Shauna, Mary, Tami, Jill, Jenny, Yvette, Yani, Eleni, Donna, Jennifer & all of our Carousel teachers.


Miss Karen

**If I have missed any other teachers at Carousel, please email me so I can thank you personally.

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Carousel Dance Studio is a West Valley school dedicated to excellence in dance training. Our aim is to provide a well rounded education in all areas of dance with an emphasis on a strong ballet foundation.

Our curriculum is graded and promotions from one level to the next are made when the teacher feels the student has accomplished what is required at the present level. These promotions are usual but not automatic. Regular attendance and a positive classroom attitude, as well as ability, are evaluated at the time of promotions.

Performances in which all students may participate are presented in the Spring.

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